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“Exceptional service is something we pride ourselves upon and we always aim to go beyond our customers’ expectations.”

At Platinum Timber & Ply, our extensive product range is designed to elevate construction and fit-out projects across diverse industries. Our range of premium products caters to the unique needs and challenges of various sectors, providing reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

Whether it’s enhancing the structural integrity of a building, providing efficient insulation, or contributing to aesthetically pleasing interiors, our products stand as reliable pillars supporting innovation and excellence in construction and design. Explore the comprehensive lineup of our offerings and discover how Platinum Timber & Ply products are transforming industries.

Where Quality Meets Versatility

Platinum Timber & Ply proudly presents a product range that transcends industry boundaries, offering versatile solutions for diverse applications. From the construction sector, where our Plywood Flooring and Platinum “R” Floor SIPS Panels redefine efficiency, to interior design and fit-outs with products like Hardwood Flooring and ClimateLine prefinished plasterboard, our offerings cater to an array of needs. Whether it’s the need for sustainable solutions, customisable designs, or products tailored for commercial modular construction, Platinum Timber & Ply stands as a beacon of innovation. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and adaptability, our product range proves indispensable across industries, providing reliable foundations for excellence in construction and design. Explore the limitless possibilities with Platinum Timber & Ply, where versatility meets uncompromising quality.

“Service is our point of difference. Supplying solutions for customer requirements is what we excel in.”

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