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ClimateLine: Pre-finished Plasterboard in Commercial Applications

Revolutionising Commercial Interiors

In the ever-evolving landscape of commercial construction, innovation is the key to staying ahead. Introducing ClimateLine, the pre-finished plasterboard solution that sets a new standard for commercial applications. Engineered to streamline the construction process while delivering unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal, ClimateLine is transforming the way we approach interior fit-outs.

The ClimateLine Advantage

1. Speedy Installation, Impeccable Finish

Say goodbye to lengthy construction timelines. ClimateLine boasts a revolutionary pre-finished surface that eliminates the need for plastering, sanding, or painting, saving you at least 60% in installation time compared to conventional methods. The result? A pristine finish in half the time that exceeds client expectations. This is crucial for commercial projects, where timelines are often tight, allowing for quicker project completion. Considering the value of time in the construction program, ClimateLine proves to be a cost-effective choice over traditional wall-lining solutions.

2. Durable and Low Maintenance:

The durable powder-coated surface of ClimateLine is thermally fused to a plasterboard substrate, creating a wipe-clean surface that resists scratching and marring, ensuring that commercial spaces maintain a high-quality appearance over time. This characteristic is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas.

3. Versatility Redefined

Adaptable to a myriad of commercial applications, ClimateLine is designed for lining steel or timber partitions in interior fit-outs, making it an ideal solution for modular and prefabricated buildings. Its versatility knows no bounds, from ceilings and retail spaces to gyms and hospitals.
ClimateLine offers a range of modern standard and custom colours, providing design flexibility to match any commercial application’s decor. The clean and contemporary finish contributes to a professional and inviting atmosphere.

4. Eco-Friendly Construction

ClimateLine is not just a time-saver; it’s a sustainable choice. The plasterboard is made from non-hazardous materials and is coated with the Climate Decor Shield powder, containing no VOCs or heavy metals. This commitment to eco-friendliness is further exemplified by its Global GreenTag GreenRate Level B certification.

ClimateLine’s pre-finished plasterboard offers a comprehensive set of advantages tailored to the unique requirements of commercial applications. From time and cost savings to sustainable and visually appealing finishes, ClimateLine is an ideal solution for modern commercial construction projects.

ClimateLine Pre-finished Plasterboard Applications in Action

There are numerous commercial applications where ClimateLine’s pre-finished plasterboard proves to be a transformative solution:

  • Commercial Modular Construction: Streamline the construction process in modular projects, achieving both speed and high-quality finishes.
  • Office Spaces: Transform office interiors with a sleek and contemporary finish, reducing construction time and costs.
  • Entrance Lobbies: Make a lasting first impression in commercial spaces with ClimateLine’s versatile and customizable pre-finished plasterboard.
  • Retail Spaces: From boutiques to large retail stores, ClimateLine offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for interior linings.
  • Hospitality Spaces: Elevate the interior aesthetics of restaurants and hotels with ClimateLine’s clean and contemporary finish.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Meet the stringent requirements of healthcare environments by creating hygienic and visually appealing interiors.
  • School Classrooms: Enhance the learning environment by incorporating ClimateLine in classrooms, where quick installations and cleanliness are paramount.
  • Gymnasiums: Provide a durable and easy-to-maintain solution for gym interiors, ensuring a sleek and modern appearance.
  • Council Buildings: Provide efficient and sustainable interior solutions for council buildings, meeting both aesthetic and environmental standards.

These applications showcase the diverse range of environments where ClimateLine’s pre-finished plasterboard brings efficiency, sustainability, and superior aesthetics.

Unlocking Efficiency, Embracing Excellence

As the construction industry continues to evolve, ClimateLine stands at the forefront, offering an innovative solution that combines speed, sustainability, and superior aesthetics. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional plasterboard applications and welcome a new era of construction efficiency with the ClimateLine pre-finished plasterboard system. For a detailed exploration of the product and its applications, learn more about ClimateLine® Pre-finished Plasterboard. Experience a revolution in commercial interiors with Platinum Timber & Ply’s ClimateLine – where efficiency meets excellence.

Unveiling Innovation: Platinum “R” Floor is Revolutionising Australia’s Construction Landscape

In our relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to enhancing construction practices, Platinum Timber & Ply proudly introduces our latest game-changing product – Platinum “R” Floor. Born out of meticulous research, detailed market analysis, and ongoing consultations with industry experts, this innovative flooring solution is designed to redefine construction norms throughout Australia.

The Platinum “R” Floor Story 

The product development journey began with our vision to create an all-in-one insulated flooring product that could withstand the challenges of the harsh Australian environment. The goal was clear – develop a product that checks all the boxes: strength, thermal properties, time-saving, environmental friendliness, sustainability, lightweight design, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and proudly Australian-made. 

The Platinum “R” Floor Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) emerged as a result of months of dedicated effort, incorporating structural performance testing by the esteemed Bureau Veritas. The results exceeded both point load and distributed load requirements for both commercial and domestic applications, as outlined in AS/NZS 11701-2002. Today, Platinum Timber and Ply proudly offer a flooring solution that fulfils the initial criteria and boasts additional benefits that redefine construction norms. 

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Strong – Joist centres up to 800mm. 
  • Thermal Properties – 54mm Panel – R1.2, 64mm Panel – R1.5 
  • Time-Saving – Structural flooring and underfloor insulation are installed in one simple process from the top of the structure, with NO joist set down for wet areas. 
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% Recyclable at end of use, reduced carbon emissions through a reduction in energy usage of the building. 
  • Sustainable – Manufactured from Australian sustainably grown plantation pine. 
  • Light Weight – Average weight 14kg/m2 (dependent on panel thickness) 
  • Cost Effective – Fewer joists required, time saved during installation, no underfloor insulation required. 
  • Easy to Install – As simple as installing a traditional sheet floor. 
  • Australian Made – All components are manufactured and assembled in Australia.  
  • Thermal Breaks – When using a steel joist system, there is normally a need for a barrier between the joist and the flooring. Platinum “R” Floor panels provide this thermal break without the need for additional material. 
  • Wet Area Set Down –Eliminates the need to notch out, set down or use different height joists to create the wet area. When installed, all that is required prior to waterproofing is a strip of fibre cement flashing between the edge of the flooring panel and the 19mm wet area flooring. This then gives an automatic step down to the wet area and allows to create a fall to the waste. 
  • Acoustic Properties – Significant reduction of sound. 

Insulation and Energy Efficiency 

One of the standout advantages of Platinum “R” Floor SIPS panels is their exceptional thermal performance. With a core boasting high compressive strength and an impressive insulative R-value, this structural insulated panel flooring system enhances home insulation, leading to lower energy bills, increased comfort, and a reduced environmental footprint. This subfloor insulation also contributes to significant sound reduction between floors, creating a quieter living environment. 

Construction Efficiency and Time/Cost Savings 

Platinum “R” Floor SIP panels are lightweight compared to other sub-floor systems, easy to cut with standard construction tools, easy to install and require minimal labour, reducing installation time and associated costs. While the upfront cost may slightly exceed traditional building methods, the long-term benefits far outweigh it. Reduced construction times, critical path reduction, and fewer structural joists required to result in substantial cost savings. The high quality of the finished product is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence. 

Strength, Durability, and Customisation 

Platinum “R” Floor is a strong and durable flooring system that can withstand heavy loads and resist impacts, making it an ideal choice for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Platinum “R” Floor surpasses Australian Standard requirements, proving to be up to four times stronger than the load testing requirement with the added benefit of being completely customisable onsite to fit any size or shape, making them suitable for modular building projects, cabins, prefabricated buildings, and a wide range of other applications.

Sustainably Sourced and Proudly Australian-Made  

Proudly 100% Australian-made, all structural insulated panel components are manufactured in Australia and assembled in our Brisbane warehouse, ensuring a product of superior quality. Platinum “R” Floor is made from radiata pine, a type of tree commonly found in Australia grown in plantations that are carefully managed to ensure the sustainability of the resource. The Responsible Wood Chain of Custody certification guarantees the legality and sustainability of our products, promoting responsible forest management. Platinum “R” Floor SIPS panels, manufactured in Australia and assembled in Brisbane, are an environmentally friendly building product and are 100% recyclable at the end of use.  

Partner with Platinum Timber & Ply for Premium Flooring Solutions

Platinum “R” Floor represents a leap forward in construction technology, offering a holistic solution that addresses the diverse needs of the Australian environment. Whether you’re in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, or constructing mobile dwellings, Platinum “R” Floor is set to revolutionise the way we build, providing a sustainable, efficient, and high-performance plywood structural insulated panel flooring option for your next project. Experience the future of construction with Platinum Timber & Ply’s Platinum “R” Floor.