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ClimateLine Pre-Finished Plasterboard

For many years we have a had a close connection to the manufacturing / modular design / commercial markets and our customers are continually looking for products that both save time and labour and of course look stylish.

Platinum Timber & Ply are now the national distributor of Climateline which is a new powder coated technology that can be applied to just about any wall and ceiling board product to give an exceptional finish and decreased installation time.

Features & Benefits
  • Cost Effective – An economic solution that compares favourably with traditional wall lining solutions.

  • Durable – The tough powder-coated surface resists scratching and marring, easily cleaned and moisture resistant.

  • Simple – No painting or plastering required, scores and snaps like normal plasterboard and repairs well if accidentally damaged.

  • Clean & Contemporary – Available in a range of modern standard and custom colours.

  • Sustainable & Healthy – The Climate Decor Shield powder coated finish contains no VOC’s or heavy metals.

  • Versatile – Available in standard and moisture resistant grade plasterboard which can be be used on the wall and ceiling.

Revolutionising Construction Projects

As the exclusive national distributor of ClimateLine, we bring a revolutionary product to the forefront, meeting the evolving demands of manufacturing, modular design, and construction markets. 

At Platinum Timber & Ply, we understand the crucial need for time-saving and labour-efficient solutions without compromising on aesthetics. ClimateLine addresses these requirements with remarkable features. Installation becomes a breeze, up to 60% faster, eliminating the need for traditional plastering or painting. With the ability to score and snap just like traditional plasterboard, it appeals to professionals seeking efficiency and convenience in their projects. The result is not only accelerated project timelines but also a cleaner, dust-free environment, as well as the absence of paint fumes.

climateline - pre-finished plasterboard, prefinished plasterboard, climateline plasterboard (4)
climateline - pre-finished plasterboard, prefinished plasterboard, climateline plasterboard
climateline - pre-finished plasterboard, prefinished plasterboard, climateline plasterboard (4)
climateline - pre-finished plasterboard, prefinished plasterboard, climateline plasterboard (4)
climateline - pre-finished plasterboard, prefinished plasterboard, climateline plasterboard (4)
climateline - pre-finished plasterboard, prefinished plasterboard, climateline plasterboard (4)
climateline - pre-finished plasterboard, prefinished plasterboard, climateline plasterboard (4)
climateline - pre-finished plasterboard, prefinished plasterboard, climateline plasterboard (4)

Why Choose ClimateLine Pre-Finished Wall Panelling

  • Prefinished Wall and Ceiling Lining System: ClimateLine offers a revolutionary prefinished plasterboard solution, eliminating the need for traditional plastering or painting.
  • Time and Labour Efficiency: Installation is up to 60% faster, providing significant time and labour savings for construction projects.
  • Clean and Dust-Free Installation: With no plastering or painting required, ClimateLine ensures a cleaner, dust-free environment during installation.
  • User-Friendly Installation: The system is easy to install, scoring and snapping like traditional plasterboard, making it convenient for construction professionals.
  • Climate Decor Shield Finish: The factory-applied powder coat finish enhances durability and moisture resistance and facilitates easy maintenance, ensuring a pristine appearance.
  • Cost-Competitive: ClimateLine offers a cost-competitive solution with installed costs similar to traditional painted plasterboard.
  • Sustainability Features: ClimateLine is accredited by Environmental Choice in New Zealand, featuring a low-waste, zero-VOC powder coating finish, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Versatile Panel Range: The product is available in different panel ranges, including ClimateLine Standard for dry areas and ClimateLine Aqua, with a moisture-resistant plasterboard substrate for wet areas.
  • Customisation for Larger Projects: Platinum Timber & Ply, the national distributor, provides custom solutions for larger projects, offering ClimateLine in various colours, board lengths, widths, and thicknesses for enhanced flexibility.
  • Durability: ClimateLine meets durability requirements for interior linings for both New Zealand and Australian building codes, ensuring longevity in various applications.
  • Fire Performance: Tested and certified to New Zealand and Australian standards, ClimateLine provides reliable fire performance in accordance with relevant building codes.
  • Accessories: Additional accessories, including touch-up paint and matching self-adhesive screw caps, contribute to a seamless and aesthetically pleasing installation.
  • Panel Jointer Range: ClimateLine offers a range of jointers, including H jointers, external corners, negative details, end caps, and slimline jointers for various design requirements.
  • Limitations of Use: While versatile, there are specific limitations, such as not using it as a bracing element, avoiding external situations, and refraining from exposure to prolonged high temperatures or extended humidity above 90% RH.
    Climate Powder Coating Performance
    Properties ClimateLine PanelsTypical ValueTest Method
    Reaction to FireGroup 1S (New Zealand)
    Group 1 (Australia)
    Cone Calorimeter
    ISO 5660
    Density10mm Standard 7.0 kg/m2
    13mm Standard 8.7 kg/m2
    10mm Standard 7.0 kg/m2
    10mm Aqua 7.8 kg/m2
    13mm Aqua 10.7 kg/m2
    HygienePassSurfaces to be smooth, non-porous and cleanable
    Abrasion Resistance1000 cyclesAS/NZS1580.403.2
    Steam and Water ResistanceCoating unaffected after 24 hours exposure
    Resistance to Household CleanersPassASTM D3023
    Resistance to WashingExcellent. No change in gloss after repeated wash cyclesAS/NZS1580.459.1
    HardnessHPencil Hardness
    Board Range

    ClimateLine Standard – standard plasterboard substrate for dry areas

    ClimateLine Aqua – moisture resistant plasterboard substrate for wet areas

    Available in a wide range of sizes and cut to size pieces

    • 10mm ex stock, 13mm available made to order
    • Standard range of sizes
    • Available cut to size 
    • Maximum length 4.8m
    • Standard width 1200mm, 1350mm made to order
    • Range of performance boards available on request
    Colour Range

    Colours and Finish

    A range of contemporary colours ex stock.  Custom colours available, lead times and minimum quantity applies.

    The Climate Decor Shield finish is a matt, fine texture powder coat finish that provides superior consistency and performance.  


    New Zealand – Complies to NZBC

    • Durability (B2.3.1c) — 5 years
    • Hazardous Building Materials (F2)
    • Reaction to Fire: C/UM2 Group 1-S
    • Manufactured using GIB Plasterboard compliant to ASNZS 2588
    • Manufactured in New Zealand from local materials

    Australia – Complies to BCA

    • Durability  – 10 year
    • Reaction to Fire: BCA C1.10 Group 1

    In-Service History

    • 14+ years of successful use in New Zealand and Australian markets

    • Significant number of commercial projects completed with substantiated long term performance

    • Prefab/modular construction projects for both residential and industrial applications

    Installation Time Lapse

    The Climate® powder coating process

    *The information and media content on this page is sourced from Climate Surfaces.
    For more information, please visit their site: 

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