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Non-Structural CD Plywood

Ecoply® Non-Structural Square Edge CD plywood is manufactured for building applications which do not require specific structural properties. This may include temporary hoardings, non-structural packaging, general purpose construction, DIY projects, formwork for paths and driveways, furniture and temporary weather proofing for damaged buildings. It is available untreated and in a range of thicknesses from 7mm to 25mm.

Features & Benefits
  • Manufactured from sustainably grown Australian and New Zealand Plantation Radiata Pine

  • Edge profile is square edge

  • Sanded face and back with potential open defects

  • Low formaldehyde emission. Super E0 < 0.3mg/L as tested to AS/NZS 2098.11

  • Sheet thicknesses 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm and 25mm

  • Sheet dimensions 2400mm x 1200mm

Ecoply® Non-Structural Square Edge Range
Thickness (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Sheets Per PackMass Weight (kg/m2)

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  • Non-Structural plywood is manufactured under a strict quality programme with an ‘A Bond’ construction as per AS/NZS 2269 for Structural Plywood Non-structural plywood is not compliant with AS/NZS 2269 for Structural Plywood
  • Non-Structural products must not be used in any structural or load-bearing applications
Technical NoteDescription
Ecoply H2 S Termite Treated Plywood
Chemwatch Material Safety Data Sheet Australia.
Download PDF
Ecoply SDS Untreated Plywood
Chemwatch Material Safety Data Sheet.
Download PDF
Ecoply SDS H3.1 LOSP Azole Treated Plywood
Chemwatch Material Safety Data Sheet Australia.
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Ecoply and Structural Plywood Packaging
Ecoply is regularly used to manufacture boxes, pallets and crates, including packaging for export.
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