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Onewood (The Sustainable Hardwood Alternative)

ONEWOOD is a new breed of timber called, Homogeneous Reconstituted Timber (HRT).
It is made by upcycling wood fibres from fast-growing plantation trees to form a big block of hardwood equivalent material that looks and feels exactly like natural hardwood.

Each block of ONEWOOD can be processed by any carpentry or woodworking tools and converted to almost any timber product that a hardwood can provide while maintaining the look and feel of natural wood.

The possibilities are immense and we cannot wait to show it to you.

Features & Benefits
  • F22 Certified

  • No tannin bleed

  • Outstanding dimensional stability

  • Manufactured from sustainable resource (Singapore Green Label, along with Singapore Green Building Product)

  • Bushfire rating BAL 29

  • Light-in colour and can be stained to any required finish

  • Reusable and able to be refurbished 

  • Highly termite and water resistant

ONEWOOD, Homogeneous Reconstituted Timber (HRT), sustainable hardwood alternative


ONEWOOD is fabricated to be homogeneous in
nature. This unique feature allows ONEWOOD
to have intrinsic properties throughout each
and every block of timber, accompanied with its distinctive yet natural wood grain patterns.

ONEWOOD, Homogeneous Reconstituted Timber (HRT), sustainable hardwood alternative

Low Flame Spread

ONEWOOD’s fibre has been impregnated with fire retardant additives giving it its low flame spread property.

ONEWOOD, Homogeneous Reconstituted Timber (HRT), sustainable hardwood alternative

Dimensionally Stable

ONEWOOD undergoes high pressure and high
temperature processes which allows it to be
structurally stable. In comparison to tropical
hardwood, ONEWOOD has better outdoor
durability and outstanding dimensional stability.

ONEWOOD, Homogeneous Reconstituted Timber (HRT), sustainable hardwood alternative

Termite Resistant

ONEWOOD has unique properties, making it resistant to termiates, helping you mitigate the problem of an infestation.

Onewood Product Specifications
PropertyResults (Standard)Results (Metric)
Density5.62 - 62.4 lbs/ft3900 - 1000 kg/m3
Maximum Crushing Strength10,297 psi71.0 MPa
Shear Strength967 psi6.7 MPa
Work to Maximum Load7.72 lbf in/in30.05 N mm/mm3
Janka Hardness1,583 lbf7,042 N
Bending Strength (MOR)13,714 psi94,557 kPa
Strength Retention after Aging101.5%101.5%
Modulus of Elasticity (MOE)1,989,797 psi13,719,167 kPa
Screw WithdrawalResults (Standard)Results (Metric)
Face646 lbf2,875 N
Edge Perpendicular to Long Side672 lbf2,991 N
Edge Parallel to Long Side513 lbf2,284 N
Tonality And Grain Variation

ONEWOOD has high natural wood fibre content which results in tonality differences within each piece, and between different pieces of ONEWOOD.

The grains of ONEWOOD defer in every piece / batch just like natural timber. Oxidation may occur slowly over time and slightly darken the colour of ONEWOOD.

There will be tonality difference between new pieces or freshly sanded down ONEWOOD in comparison with existing pieces of ONEWOOD.

Outdoor Weathering

ONEWOOD weathers naturally outdoors similar to natural timber. The surface of ONEWOOD turns into an elegant aging grey patina when exposed outdoors. Other typical characteristics of outdoor weathering includes surface checks. These features do not compromise the strength, durability and performance of ONEWOOD.

The rate of weathering effects on ONEWOOD varies depending on the amount of exposure to the elements such as UV rays and rain /moisture. Typically, full exposure to sun and rain weathers ONEWOOD faster than partially sheltered areas. When preferred, application of exterior coating on ONEWOOD’s surface can delay the effects of outdoor weathering.


ONEWOOD can be easily sanded down to reveal a fresh layer of timber. The natural wood grains will still be visible after sanding down due to its homogeneous nature. After sanding, other treatments such as coating can be done if desired.

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