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Platinum “R” Floor

Platinum “R” Floor is an all-in-one insulated flooring product designed for performance in the harsh Australian environment.

In response to the demands of the Australian market and after extensive consultations with industry experts and customers, Platinum Timber and Ply proudly presents the Platinum “R” Floor – an innovative Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) flooring solution designed to embody strength, thermal efficiency, sustainability and ease of use/installation. This revolutionary product is proudly Australian-made and is Responsible Wood Certified, so you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality, sustainably responsible insulated flooring solution.

Features & Benefits
  • Time Saving benefits – Structural flooring and underfloor insulation installed in one simple process

  • 100% Recyclable at end of use

  • Manufactured from sustainable resources (Australian sustainably grown plantation pine)

  • Thermal & Acoustic Properties

  • Cost-effective and easy to install

  • Highly Customisable to fit any space

  • Superior strength and durability

  • Makes wet area set downs simple and effortless

  • Australian Made & Responsible Wood certification

Our Platinum “R” Floor system is not just a product; it’s a commitment to delivering unparalleled benefits to the building industry. Platinum “R” Floor goes beyond meeting Australian Standard load requirements, proving to be up to four times stronger while also providing excellent thermal insulation, easy installation and significant construction time and ongoing cost savings.

Investing in Platinum “R” Floor means investing in the future of construction, where innovation and sustainability converge to redefine industry standards. Join us on this journey towards a greener, more efficient, and high-performance flooring solution – proudly Australian-made with Responsible Wood certification and tailored to meet your every need.

Product Details

Top skin: Australian Production 17mm T&G Structural Plywood
Bottom skin: Australian Production 7mm Structural Plywood
Core: Australian Manufactured Foam Core

Standard sizes available:


Other thickness available on request with additional lead times see table below for reference.


One of the standout advantages of Platinum “R” Floor SIPS panels is their exceptional thermal performance.

R-values are a measure of thermal resistance that indicates how well a material resists heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation properties of the material. R-values are typically used to measure the insulation properties of building materials such as walls, roofs, and floors, and are expressed in units of thermal resistance. Higher R-values are desirable for insulation as they can reduce energy consumption by minimising heat loss or gain through the building. 

Platinum “R” Floor, structural insulated panel flooring system enhances home insulation, leading to lower energy bills, increased comfort, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Panel Thickness (mm)

Core Thickness (mm)

Ply Thickness (mm)

Panel Weight (KG)

Panel “R” Value



























Platinum “R” Floor is a subfloor insulation and plywood flooring building material made from radiata pine; a type of tree commonly found in Australia. These trees are grown in plantations that are carefully managed to ensure the sustainability of the resource.

The process of growing and harvesting these trees involves careful planning, monitoring, and management of the plantations to ensure that the trees can grow and reproduce over time. This is done in a way that minimises negative impact on the environment and maintains ecological balance.

As a result, Platinum “R” Floor structural insulated panels are an eco-friendly building material that is made from sustainable resources and can be used with confidence by those who are committed to responsible construction practices.

Platinum “R” Floor SIP panels are an environmentally friendly building product and are 100% recyclable at end of use.

Sub Floor Requirements

Platinum “R” Floor, a premium Structural Insulated Panel System can be installed over either steel or timber joists. Their size and spacing are to be determined by the project engineer, however, the recommended maximum joist centres is 800mm. It is recommended that the joists have a minimum thickness of 45mm. Platinum “R” Floor panels can be easily installed using existing standard steel and timber joist framing systems that are available throughout Australia.

Blocking is required under all load bearing walls.

Wet Area Set Down

Platinum “R” Floor SIP panels makes wet area set downs simple and effortless, removing the need to set down joists to get fall to wet area floor wastes and preset heights for tile beds.  

Eliminates the need to notch out, set down or use different height joists to create the wet area. When installed, all that is required prior to waterproofing is a strip of fibre cement flashing between the edge of the flooring panel and the 19mm wet area flooring. This then gives an automatic step down to the wet area and allows to create a fall to the waste. It is then ready for water proofing to the relevant standard.

Australian Made

Platinum “R” Floor panels are proudly 100% Australian made and have been certified by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL).

Termite Treatment

Platinum “R” Floor panels are available in an untreated option and a H2 Treated option as well.

Termite Treated Platinum “R” Floor panels can be used throughout Australia with no restriction to geographical location.

Storage and Handling

It’s important to take care when storing and handling Platinum “R” Floor panel products. Please protect the edges and corners of the product from damage during storage. Also, make sure that the products are kept dry and away from weather during both transport and storage.

To prevent any unnecessary exposure to water or moisture, the product must be laid flat on a smooth, level surface that is clear of the ground. This will help to avoid any damage and ensure that the SIP panels stay in good condition prior to installation.

Face checks on plywood exposed to weather

Face checks are lengthwise separations of wood fibres in the face veneer of the plywood flooring. They result from the normal swelling and shrinking of wood as it gains and loses moisture. It is important to realise that these checks are superficial and confined to the face veneer. They do not alter the structural integrity of the plywood flooring material in any way. If you are the specifier, it is important to discuss these issues with your client and consider the length of exterior exposure, climate conditions and protection offered by the surface coating before finalising product choice.

Source: CHH Ecoply Installation Guide

Chain of custody

Platinum Timber & Ply uses a system called the Responsible Wood Chain of Custody certification. This system is like a tracking device for timber products. It starts monitoring when a tree is cut in a certified forest and continues until the wood product reaches its final user.

The goal of this system is to ensure that Platinum Timber & Ply’s products are created from resources that are not only certified but also legal and sustainable. It’s a method to guarantee that the forests in Australia are used in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Responsible Wood Chain of Custody system is specially designed for the Australian environment, aiming to promote a sustainable approach to forest management. It’s recognised globally by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC), a major international body for forest certification.

One key feature of the Responsible Wood system is that it’s the only one of its kind in Australia that complies with an Australian Standard (AS 4708). This means that any product you get from Platinum Timber & Ply that has a Responsible Wood certification ensures that the wood used in the product comes from a source that is both legal and managed sustainably. This is a major step toward promoting sustainable and responsible use of our forest resources.

Installation of Platinum “R” Floor

Technical Note
Platinum “R” Floor Informational Guide
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Platinum “R” Floor Installation Guide
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