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Platinum Pre-Finished Merbau Decking

Platinum Prefinished Merbau Decking is a solid timber product that is processed through our remanufacturing facility, to ensure there is very little waste.

It is Finger Jointed, and transformed into a strong, durable, stable and long set length product.

Platinum Prefinished Merbau Decking can be installed using traditional methods, such as nails or screws. However, you can certainly use the newer concealed fixing methods as well.

Should you use the traditional methods of nail or screw fixing, we do recommend predrilling.

Technical Information
Preparation & Coating

Platinum Prefinished Merbau Decking has already been coated with two coats of Teknos Aqua Primer 2907-2 and two coats of Intergrain Universal Timber Oil, applied to all four sides. Both products are extremely high quality and will offer added protection from the natural environmental elements.

NOTE – If you are looking for an oil-based finished deck (turps clean up) – once Platinum Prefinished Merbau Decking is installed, there is nothing left to do – sit back relax and enjoy.

As with any timber product – some ongoing maintenance may be required, refer to the maintenance procedure detailed below.

If you are looking for a water-based coating finish (water clean up), please refer to our sister product – Platinum Merbau Decking Plus.

Protect the End Grain

Timber absorbs moisture most readily through the end grain. Always seal exposed end grain with a coating prior to fixing into place.

On Site Finishing

Platinum Prefinished Merbau Decking had been precoated with both Teknos Aquaprimer 2907-2 & Intergrain Universal Oil to provide protection against the elements. Once installed there is no onsite finishing to be done except to dab some oil in the screw or nail holes.

If scratching has occurred during installation, please coat the affected area with some additional Intergrain Universal Oil.

As with any timber product – some ongoing maintenance may be required, refer to the maintenance procedure detailed below.

NOTE – Should you choose a product to coat your decking with (when applying maintenance coats), other than a product manufactured by Intergrain, Cabot’s or Feast Watson – please check with the respective manufacturer to ensure their products are compatible with our preparation coatings.


Exposure to weather and foot traffic breaks down all coatings eventually, allowing moisture to absorb into the timber. After application, the longevity of the coating is dependent on the location, aspect on site and degree of exposure to the weather. To ensure Platinum Prefinished Merbau Decking remains free from moisture ingress and the coating maintains its original colour and appearance, the coating must be maintained correctly over its lifetime. We would recommend all coatings are inspected regularly – say every 4 to six months, depending on the amount of rain and humidity. If we are experiencing high rainfall and humidity – especially over the Spring and Summer periods, inspection every three months would be recommended.

Should coating deterioration be prevalent, reapply the oil coating (turps clean up) again – as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Platinum Prefinished Merbau Decking should be installed as per all relevant building codes.

PLEASE NOTE – Platinum Prefinished Merbau Decking is a made to order product. Lead time is normally around 5 working days from receipt of order.


  • Sizes Available – 
    90 x 19 x 5400mm finger jointed
    90 x 19mm random length solid
    140 x 19 x 5400mm finger jointed
    140 x 19mm random length solid

Technical Note
Platinum Pre-Finished Merbau Decking Coating & Maintenance Guide
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